It’s that time again! Tentacle Software is looking for testers for our latest Windows Home Server Add-In, Blackbox for Windows Home Server.

Blackbox for Windows Home Server provides in-depth real-time monitoring of motherboard, disk, UPS, and graphics card hardware sensors. Administrators can define alerting rules to take actions when a sensor exceeds a specified threshold.



This is a preview release of Blackbox and is intended to showcase the major features that will be present in the release version, and to give our users the opportunity to provide input on the final feature-set.

Key features:

  • Real-time monitoring of supported hardware sensors
  • Administrator-defined rules to perform actions based on sensor states, including:
    • Log the alert to a file
    • Log the alert to the Event Log
    • Create a Windows Home Server health notification (that appears in the server health status window)
    • Set a fan speed
    • Change the system power state (shut down, suspend, hibernate, or restart)
  • PWM fan control

Blackbox requires the following platform:

  • Windows Home Server v1 operating system (“Vail” isn’t supported in this release)
  • Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (installed automatically by Windows Update)
  • .NET Framework v3.5 SP1 (installed automatically by Windows Update)
  • A motherboard with supported hardware sensors (most ITE* chips, CPU thermal sensors, hard drive SMART sensors, and UPS battery sensors are supported)

If you’re interested in participating in the initial closed CTP, please get in touch (and when you fire off the message, please include the specs of your server). We’re looking for testers who are just as excited about Blackbox as we are, and who want to contribute to making Blackbox as awesome as it can be. Edit: We’ve got the first round of testing covered, but look out for more opportunities soon!

We’ve sent out copies of Blackbox to some of the major Windows Home Server community sites, and you can find preview articles from them here:

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