If you’re implementing a ListProvider for your Vail Add-In (more about the awesomness of that in a later post), you’ll quickly figure out that the Vail Dashboard now remembers ListView column configurations between sessions.

That means if you turn a column on (or off), or change the sort order, Vail is going to remember your changes and display your Add-In the same way the next time you open the Dashboard.

This is really annoying if you’re developing an Add-In and making changes to your ListColumnCollection.

The quick and dirty method to reset columns in the Dashboard back to their defaults (thank you, Process Monitor) is to delete the following file:


The next time you open the Dashboard you’ll have default columns again.

Of course, this should not be done outside of your development environment. I haven’t noticed any issues caused by doing this, but your mileage may vary; we don’t know enough about the contents of user.config at this point, so doing this on a production server will probably have other consequences.

posted on Saturday, May 08, 2010 7:03 PM | Filed Under [ Windows Home Server Development ]


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