Björn Bürstinghaus has reviewed Disk Management 1.1 on his Windows blog:

[Google Translation] The hard drives are, in my opinion the most important components of a home server, because there all data is stored centrally. Unfortunately, the Windows Home Server Console no native support for display of information on the built-in hard drives.

With the add-in Disk Management for Windows Home Server Tentacle Software you have a perfect overview of the status and activities of the individual hard disks in your home server.

Thanks Björn!

posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 7:50 PM | Filed Under [ Windows Home Server Site ]


# re: Björn Bürstinghaus reviews Disk Management (Matt @ 8/23/2014 8:16 AM)

Hi, I used this plug-in on WHS V1 and I really loved it. especially the ability to make a specific hard disk's led blink so I would know exactly which disk to pull out.
I now have windows 2012 and I'm desperately looking for such a feature. I can live out the 3D wire farme, which was so cool, by the way, but I miss the HDD blink feature a lot.

Would anyone have a decommendation?


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