We’re into the second week of the Disk Management 1.1 release, and we’ve had lots of positive feedback so far.

Here’s a selection of reviews and release announcements:


Tentacle Software announced the release of their updated Disk Management Add-In this weekend and I spent an evening in “hard drive information overload” as I reviewed this sweet update to an already cool tool!

Is this Add-In for me? Heck yeah. My parents? Not so much. This Add-In is well worth the $10 for any avid WHS user. Access to the disk temperatures, serial numbers and drive models are worth the money in time-savings alone.


The Most Essential WHS Add In: Disk Management 1.1 for Windows Home Server

I have been beta testing an add in for my Windows Home Server for what feels like ever!!! It’s an essential tool in managing your disks in Windows Home Server. It has seamless integration with WHS. When it is installed, you wonder how could Microsoft possible have left these features out of a server…


Disk Management for Windows Home Server was probably one of the first add-ins I installed for WHS, and is one of those must-have add-ins for WHS.

The great thing is that you get a chance to support your favorite add-in without costing you an arm or a leg.  Hell, I can spend $10 in one day getting my caffeine-laden soda fix!


Sam Wood of Tentacle Software, curator of one of the most popular Windows Home Server add-ins announces a feature-loaded updated version of his Disk Management add-in.


The new version has been significantly overhauled with an updated interface, better performance, and a number of new features which are listed below in the official announcement.

I’ve been fortunate to participate in the beta testing of the 1.1 version, and if you found the previous free version to be valuable I’m sure you’ll appreciate the updates included in this new release.

MS Windows Home Server

The Disk Management add-in from fellow MVP Sam Wood is designed for users who need more detail about their server’s storage status than what the standard Server Storage interface provides. It’s also the 1st add-in I install on a Windows Home Server box and the good news is that a new version is finally available with lots of new features.

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