has posted Mark II of their DIY Home Server build, and the article has some great things to say about WHS Disk Management. There are some interesting screenshots of their custom wireframe in action, as well.

A few weeks ago we ran a story on a particularly impressive 20 terabyte home server belonging to one Automated Home reader.  Looking at his setup we made sure to install the excellent Disk Management add-in.  Amongst other things this allows you to create a wire frame graphical representation of your server.  You need to do this right at the start though, then add disks one by one so you record where each physical drive is in your system.  It's then trivial to identify a drive if there's a problem or it needs replaced. 

Simply clicking on the drive in the left pane will highlight where it is in the wireframe on the right by turning green.  The Add-in also reports other useful information such as drive temperature and speed of throughput.

The finished box looks like a very capable server, and I’m excited to see WHS Disk Management being used to manage big chunks of storage like this.

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