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AutomatedHome.co.uk has posted Mark II of their DIY Home Server build, and the article has some great things to say about WHS Disk Management. There are some interesting screenshots of their custom wireframe in action, as well.

A few weeks ago we ran a story on a particularly impressive 20 terabyte home server belonging to one Automated Home reader.  Looking at his setup we made sure to install the excellent Disk Management add-in.  Amongst other things this allows you to create a wire frame graphical representation of your server.  You need to do this right at the start though, then add disks one by one so you record where each physical drive is in your system.  It's then trivial to identify a drive if there's a problem or it needs replaced. 

Simply clicking on the drive in the left pane will highlight where it is in the wireframe on the right by turning green.  The Add-in also reports other useful information such as drive temperature and speed of throughput.

The finished box looks like a very capable server, and I’m excited to see WHS Disk Management being used to manage big chunks of storage like this.

It’s only for a couple seconds, but WHS Disk Management got a demo in the latest Tekzilla episode on Windows Home Server. Check out the stream starting at 13:55.



Of course, ignore their erroneous description of how Drive Extender works. We’ll forgive them for that, because free plugs are free!

A couple of months ago, I ran across Jesse’s tutorial for adding a custom Windows Home Server icon to My Computer. Erik van den Berg has taken the concept and created an extended version called Homeservericon, complete with MSI installer:

As I have a custom made WHS I also wanted to have an icon in My Computer (and the Desktop) for my HomeServer. I started with the manual installation of Jesse Michael Torres and made a whole program around it. With the icon library of Gustavo Franco it becomes possible to select icons inside an .exe, .dll or .icl. It also contains an icon library with a couple of icons of home servers.

I’ve just installed the 64-bit version, and it works very well – a nice, clean way to automate the process. You can find Erik’s post over at We Got Served.

And Acer wins! Of course, the easyStore still doesn’t show up on acer.co.nz, but baby steps are good. At least the boxes are in the country.

There’s a special on at Ascent - $47 off retail. Go get ‘em.

Just got my MVP renewal notice, so I’ll be hanging around for a bit longer! The award periods have changed slightly, so I get to be an MVP for 2009 twice.

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Windows Home Server technical communities during the past year.

Chris Bickerstaff from HomeServerLand recently interviewed me for their Add-In Author Interview series.

On this edition of “The Interviews”, we interview the Add-In author who's Add-In is probably sitting on more Windows Home Servers than any other Add-In that is currently available.

The Add-In author who’s Add-In is most likely in the top 5 of Add-Ins first installed by everyone when setting up their Windows Home Server for the first time.

The Add-In author who’s Add-In is sitting on the Windows Home Server’s of Add-In authors.

The Add-In author who’s Add-In…uh…Oh well, you get the idea!

The interview covers a whole lot of topics, not least some background information on how I started with WHS and a bit of Disk Management history.


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