The new shiny GUI for v1.1 is going out to beta testers soon (hit the Contact link if you’d like to play), so I thought it would be fun to go back through the history of WHS Disk Management and have a look at how we used to do things.

By random chance, I happened to save screenshots of all the previous flavours of the interface, so we can do it in pictures!

Hello World

Here is my very first attempt at an Add-In. You can tell I’m using Brendan’s templates here because of the icon. Check out the “Storage Balanced” date: 8th of January, 2008!


A Working Add-In

We’ve got working code now, and according to the timestamp on the screenshot it’s only a day later: 9th of January, 2008.


With Wireframe

Awesome isometric perspective! Just goes to show how valuable my high school technical drawing classes were; behold the mighty 30/60 degree split. We’re now at 5th of April, 2008.

Image1 whsdiskmgt.image02

Going 3D

And here I am, having written my own 3D engine entirely using managed GDI+ code. This is the interface we’ve all come to know and love. The GUI has remained essentially unchanged since 24th of June 2008.

So what’s next?

I can’t ruin the surprise now, after waiting so long! Look for a post soon with the juicy details.

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