If you’ve been browsing the site in the last hour, you would have noticed quite a few broken images. That’s because I’ve put in a redirector to a different image upload location, so I can reduce upgrade headaches the next time I change to a new version of Subtext.

Of course, as part of the change I managed to delete the images for a number of blog posts (including one of the tutorial sections, ouch). Always check the name of the folder you’re deleting, kids.

I use Windows Live Writer to post, and I work from either my main desktop machine or my work laptop. Luckily, Windows Live Writer saves drafts as .wpost files that include all the images you’ve attached to that post. I’m saved! I thought.

Or not.

After applying Murphy’s Law, I realised the images I had lost were all from posts I made from my laptop, which has recently been wiped and rebuilt with Windows 7 RC.

But, being the smart Windows Home Server user that I am, I’d made a backup image of my laptop before upgrading to Windows 7. So, all I had to do was crack open the backup, navigate to my old My Documents folder, and copy out the relevant .wpost files.

Thanks, Windows Home Server!

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# re: Thank you, WHS Backup (Richard Hay aka WindowsObserver @ 7/19/2009 4:20 PM)

WHS has saved me a few times since I have had it running - I absolutely love the system!
# re: Thank you, WHS Backup (DataCabbitKSW @ 7/21/2009 3:03 AM)

WHS is an absolute lifesaver. The announcement of Power Pack 3 that adds upgrades to handle Windows 7 is just icing on the cake. Really, any household that uses a good number of machines should invest in a machine to run WHS. It integrates so well with Windows, and you can get it to handle backups and features from other OS (I've seen it patched to be able to work with Time Machine from Apple also, as well as a NAS/iSCSI device to work with Linux and BSD builds). You might try posting on Microsoft's official Windows Support Forum located here http://tinyurl.com/9fhdl5 . I'm sure they would love to hear the feedback.

# re: Thank you, WHS Backup (Eddie @ 8/10/2009 3:09 PM)

I currently study in the IT area part of this course focuses on data management, DRP etc. So having the WHS finally saved my butt, i have saved countless headaches in the family computers with a simple re image back to the start of the day. I was able to install a new bigger hard drive using the disk manager built into the restore process, and still restore all the previous files without a hitch. Thank you WHS from a lot of embarrassment and a few headaches.

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