Brendan Grant has posted code that extends the MSDN sample for interacting with WHS Notifications to provide alerting functionality in an external application when WHS health status changes.

Unfortunately there is no quick and easy GetHealthState() method within the Windows Home Server SDK, instead the value is determined by going through each outstanding Notification and determining if any exist that are marked as a Warning or Error... and if so we consider the overall state to be same as the most severe, non-suppressed notification.

Over on MSDN there exists a bit of sample code that demonstrates how to do this on demand, though with a few minor tweaks you can turn it into something more asynchronous that will alert you as to when the health has changed

Brendan has also promised that he’ll expand on his example next week.

posted on Saturday, June 20, 2009 10:53 AM | Filed Under [ Windows Home Server Development Microsoft ]


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