Nick from ASoft (developer of AutoExit) has done some digging into a few undocumented Windows Home Server storage APIs.

This new article describes the undocumented functions in the QSMMgr class which is located in HomeServerControls.dll.
This class is handy for retrieving all kinds of info about storage (Storage Manager).

The following functions are explained:
long GetAppFoldersSize()
long GetBackupSize()
Disk[] GetDisks()
string GetGlobalStatus()
long GetOperatingSystemSize()
void GetSharedFoldersSize(out long size, out long dupSize)
long GetStorageFreeSpace()
long GetStorageSize()
long GetStorageUsedSpace()
ShareConnection[] GetShareConnections()

It goes without saying that Microsoft won’t support Add-Ins using these functions (as they’re not part of the published API set), but it’s great to see more information about WHS as a development platform getting out into the community.

posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 8:49 AM | Filed Under [ Windows Home Server Development ]


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