Brendan has posted a great overview of the API changes in Power Pack 2. There’s a few in there I didn’t know about, and some that will come in really handy for the next version of WHS Disk Management.


Rather than describe each of these, I am going to let their names speak for them and what they can do:





But wait... there's more!


Back in Console land we've long had the ability to open an arbitrary Settings page (provided we know it's guid) or a URL on the client PC... did you know you can also select a specific console tab? With a few tweaks to IConsoleServices you can:


Each of the above methods rely on the new TabIdentifier attribute which can be used to decorate an IConsoleTab implementer so that other applications.

Very cool changes, and a big thank you to Brendan for calling these out.

posted on Thursday, March 26, 2009 11:16 AM | Filed Under [ Windows Home Server Development Microsoft ]


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