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Shared Folders and Server Storage

Issue 1

Before this update is installed, the ability to copy large files or folders from a home computer that is running Windows Vista to a shared folder on the home server is limited by the free space on the primary hard disk drive of the Windows Home Server-based system. After this update is installed, the file size is limited to the free space on the target hard disk drives that are connected to the home server.

Issue 2

Sometimes, Windows Home Server generates lots of notification messages about the files that are stored in shared folders. These notifications may cause high CPU utilization on the home server for applications that are accessing these files. This behavior causes slow performance on the home server. After this update is installed, applications such as the Microsoft Zune software, that may be running at the same time, no longer consume excessive processor resources.

Issue 3

Under certain conditions, Windows Home Server disables duplication on shared folders after a new user account is created. After this update is installed, creation of user accounts no longer affects the status of shared folder duplication.

posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 7:23 AM | Filed Under [ Windows Home Server Microsoft ]


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